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Weight loss: Week four

If you are just stopping in for the first time HELLO && WELCOME! Wanna know what helped me get started on my journey, check out my original post: WEIGHT LOSS: my why & how you can find yours!

This week was another hard one! ‘Tis life for our family right now. I hate to be negative, but I want to be as transparent with you as possible and if I’m honest, life keeps throwing my family some doozy curve balls. I can’t share all the details out of respect for my son, but some past trauma was brought to light this week and on top of that, we are still processing my son’s autism diagnosis. It seems like everything is just hitting so HARD right now, like the devil is on attack… but we all know that when the devil is on the prowl its because God is working on something great for you! So I’m going to rejoice! I’m going to praise him in this storm! I’m going to claim the great things that God has in store for my family in the future! We are going to pray our way through this and lean into Him because God is so, so, so good to provide, comfort, and care for us when we are struggling! With all that being said, this week I didn’t do a good job focusing on my health journey. To be honest, I can’t even share with you what I ate this week because I didn’t even track it. Not that I meant to, just that I didn’t have it in me to input the information. I didn’t eat horribly, I just didn’t track it. I also didn’t get my water in every day.

MY FOCUS: My focus didn’t change this week… I tried to drink 1 gallon of water per day & Track everything I eat on the Lose It! App while making better food choices but I failed at that. And you know what, I’m giving myself grace because life is hard right now.


My Start Weight (Feb 8, 2023): 276 lbs.

My Current Weight: 264.9 lbs.



0.7 lbs, I realize that this week I feel off the wagon a bit; but I'm jumping back on! I am doing my best to REFOCUS for this coming week! I’m going back to the basics. Water needs to be a priority and I still need to get some recipes together so that I can have more things to choose from. This was another stressful week but I realized that I need things that are convenient for me to grab so that I don’t have to put much thought into food. I also realized that things that happen in life, really do effect the way we care for our bodies. In those hard times, its easy to forget that in order to care for others YOU GOTTA TAKE CARE OF YOU! Its sort of that airplane analogy where you gotta put your oxygen mask on first in order to take care of your kids…. But GOSH THAT IS A HARD CONCEPT to apply to everyday living!

CHANGES I'VE NOTICED: I was reminded again this week how much stress impacts your diet! I was either unable to eat or craving things I shouldn't have. It was a mental battle more than anything...... I'm so thankful that I have friends and family who are encouraging me and empowering me on this journey, I wouldn't be able to do this without my support system!

THIS WEEKS WIN: Honestly this weeks win is more about mental health again. I'm STILL processing some big things {and will continue to in the coming weeks} and I think its just a HUGE WIN that I didn't fall into depression or become completely overwhelmed with anxiety. Mental Health is a HUGE factor. When we talk about health and wellness its often times left out, but man is it important. Really its #1 priority on this journey. Because eating veggies does nothing if you are fighting just to survive. If you are struggling with mental health stuff, REACH OUT…. You are NOT alone! You don’t have to face this battle by yourself! I’m here for you, and you are so, so, so, loved sweet friend!

Also, 0.7 lbs is a huge success as well! When we talk about healthy weight loss, 2ish lbs a week is what we aim for; and considering that I wasn’t completely focused, I’ll take this victory and run with it! I want to take a moment to challenge you to look for 1 WIN per day and/or per week! It can be something simple.... like I ate 1 hot pocket instead of 2 OR I drank a gallon of water today OR I got 8 hrs of sleep...... FIND SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE THAT WILL PUSH YOU FORWARD ON YOUR OWN HEALTH JOURNEY!

Dear Lord, I pray for myself as well as anyone joining me on this journey. I pray for mental stability. I pray that you would give us the strength to continue to make the changes that we need to make and to STICK to them. Help each of us to make good food choices even when the going gets hard. Bring restoration to our whole being as we learn to eat with our health in mind. Help us with our self image as our bodies change on this journey. Let us learn to love ourselves where we are even TODAY. Bring wisdom and truth to each of our minds, and help us to plan our daily food and to enjoy it. Lord, bless our efforts with sustainable weight loss. Father, We long to be free of this difficulty in our lives, and we look to you, you are our supporter, our comforter and our helper. Thank you for your constant love. AMEN!

Thank you so much for following my journey and encouraging me along the way!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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