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WEIGHT LOSS: my why & how you can find yours

Weight Loss is HARD! I have tried so many times to "loose the weight". I do good for a while and then I always end up falling of the wagon. This week I got some not so great lab reports back and the doctor wanted me to start some new medicine because my cholesterol is a tad high.... I asked her if i could attempt to change my diet and check back in 3 months to see if the levels improve. Heart Disease along with a truck load of other health problems runs deep on the paternal side of my family. Honestly though, I am at the most unhealthy point I've ever been in my life and I HAVE to make some changes.... THIS WAS A WAKE UP CALL FOR ME! Probably the one I've needed to get my butt in gear! I've needed to commit to some positive lifestyle changes for a while but lacked the motivation and honestly the "want to". BUT THIS.... THIS CHANGES THINGS! I wanna be around for my kids, I wanna participate in their lives more. I wanna be able to do the "NORMAL" stuff again.... so maybe, just maybe this is the wake up call I have needed!

Now that all the negative is out of the way.... I want to ask something from you, dear friend..... I NEED YOUR PRAYERS! Please, pray for me over the next 3 months as I work to lower my cholesterol & sugar and increase my vitamin D & B levels. Pray that as a result of the changes that I would loose weight. And ask The Lord, that I find a rheumatologist that will help me. Pray for healing, for perseverance, and for willpower.

I wanna take a moment here also to say THANK YOU to the friends and family in my life who were there when I got the news, as I have processed it all over the last few days, and who are supporting me and even JOINING ME on this <unexpected> journey!

For the last couple days I've drank 1 GALLON of water per day (with the amazing support of friends and family taking on this challenge themselves), I've changed my diet, and I'm tracking everything I eat using the Lose It! app. I'm learning to like new foods, and I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone. Yall.... its hard. BUT I'm determined to make these changes. I have a pretty BIG 'WHY' now... and that makes a huge difference!

If you struggle with weight loss, or health issues that are due to weight... I want you to know you are not alone and you CAN make the changes you need to make! If you need the support of a friend, reach out to me. I'd love to have as many people on this journey with me as possible. Let's encourage one another! Join me on my Facebook group to stay connected!

If you are needing to make the changes, it really helps if you have a "WHY". Ask yourself this question over and over until you get to the concreate reason why you really wanna make the sacrifices to see the change. It'll look something like this:

WHY do I wanna loose weight? For health reasons.

WHY is loosing weight for health important to me? Because I want to avoid future illness or taking prescription medication.

WHY is that important to me? Because I want to be around for my kids as they grow up. I want to be present in their lives, I want to be an active participant!

WHY? WHY? WHY? Keep asking WHY until you can't answer it any further. That's how you get to the root of your desire, its what will keep you motivated. Now write it out and post it where you can see it every day!

What else do you do to stay motivated to keep on track with your health goals? Comment below with what your health goals are and if you reward yourself for reaching them, what do you plan to do/get?

I'm working to get this >>> SUPER CUTE 1 GALLON WATER JUG as a reward for myself if I can stick to getting my gallon of water every day in for a whole month! Right now, I'm using a recycled gallon milk jug which is totally serving its purpose BUT I like to reward myself so I have something else to work towards. Watch the Facebook group to see if I hit that goal! =)

Thanks for joining me on my journey, it means the world to me, sweet friend!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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