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Visual prayer: Stained Glass

Visual Prayer is an amazing tool that will help you stay focused as you pray. You don't need to be creative in order to practice Visual Prayer, so don't run off if you are worried about that.

All you need in order to do The Stained Glass Prayer is

  1. A pen

  2. Index Cards or The Printable that I have provided below

  3. Some Colored Pencils

  4. A timer (optional)

If you are using an index card, you simply start by drawing a swooping line across the card from one corner to the other. Then you do that again to make a "x" on your card. All you are doing is dividing up your card. Once that is done, you draw a medium oval in the middle with the "x" in the center of your oval. (STICK WITH ME, YOU ARE DOING GREAT), then divide your oval into 8 sections drawing spokes out from the center. Now you just finish dividing up your card into more smaller sections however you wish to make it look kinda like a stained glass window.

Now that you have that drawn out, or if you are using the printable provided.... you can start thinking about your prayer. This type of prayer is really helpful for those of us who have thoughts that tend to jump around during prayer and you feel like your not fully focused and completed your prayer. The Stained Glass prayer is a great way to capture those thoughts and then go back to them later. So you start by writing the name of the people that you are praying for in the center circle. Once you have those names written you pick out a color pencil and as you begin to pray, you color or doodle in that section. If a thought comes up as you are praying for them that you want to focus more on, you simply write that in another section.... then you go back to coloring as you pray.

REMEMBER: The goal is not to fill up the card (unless you want to), you can come back to it later and continue to pray using that card throughout the day or week... the goal is to start by praying for 7-10 minutes.

YAY! CONGRATULATIONS! GREAT JOB! Now that you have completed the Stained Glass Prayer, I'm eager for you to answer the following questions:

  • What did you notice while using the Stained Glass Prayer?

  • Did you find praying this way helpful or unhelpful?

  • Did the 7-10 minutes go fast or slow?

  • How did the style of Stain Glass shape your experience of praying?

Using the Stained Glass Prayer I noticed that I was able to write down quickly where my mind went and was able to instead of feeling distracted and scattered, I felt organized and more thoughtful and intentional in my prayers. This way of praying is crazy helpful for me personally! The minutes go by so so quickly!!!! I actually continued in prayer for much longer using this method because I am able to stay focused and my brain was able to mark what came to mind and then I was able to pray over that thing in a thoughtful way instead of feeling like I wasn't able to articulate the prayer or thought fully. Not that God doesn't already KNOW... but I felt this was a way of praying helped me in making my requests known to him! I like to use simple coloring to help me focus as this didn't distract me like trying to think of a pattern to draw would. Stain Glass Prayer totally change my prayer life! I also love this style of visual prayer because I am able to pause and listen! BUT Maybe the stained glass prayer wasn't your thing, I challenge you to try the other methods of visual prayer, you can find them linked below:

Keep praying sweet friends!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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