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What's all the Kindle Kraze?

I'm an old soul; and you have to understand.... I have a true love for REAL BOOKS! I have been put off getting a e-reader all these years because I *THOUGHT* it would take away from the experience of reading. I like to highlight, mark, make notes in the margins and honestly SMELL && FEEL the book. I truly didn't get all the hype around the Kindle Kraze... BUT with the cost of books, the lack of space in my home, and numerous other reasons (of which I'll get to in a minute).... I decided to take the plunge and get a KINDLE PAPERWHITE. Maybe you are on the fence to.... or just wanna hear my ramblings (thank you).... I hope this is a good explanation of why I've officially become an e-reader.... YIKES - I can't believe I'm saying that! lol

I ordered my Kindle Paperwhite on Dec 31, 2023 BUT it didn't ship for a couple weeks. It FINALLY arrived on Jan 14, 2024. The wait felt like forever, so just beware you may have to wait a little while if you purchase on amazon... BUT I was so happy once it arrived, and it was super simple to set up!

This was the first book I read on my Kindle!

If you are on the fence, here is a list of my Pros and Cons....


  • Kindle books are (most of the time) cheaper than buying a paperback.

  • Save space on your physical bookshelf.

  • Ergonomics - its so comfortable to read (esp if you get a STRAP for it)

  • Small/lightweight and convenient to take with you on the go.

  • BACKLIGHT - You don't need a book light anymore (one of my fav features because I always had to bother my husband at night when i stayed up later than him reading.)

  • Warm Light - Easy on your eyes!


  • You can change the font/font size (esp great if you have dyslexia!)

  • It's Waterproof!

  • You have access to Libby App (free with a library card) and Kindle Unlimited (if you choose to subscribe)

  • MOST Books available immediately! NO WAITING!

  • No distractions (compared to reading on a phone or tablet).

  • You CAN highlight and make notes on the kindle! AND you can access all your highlights and notes in one place! AWEEEE...


  • Its not a physical book.... DUH.

  • You do eventually have to charge it, so there is a possibility of it dying on you while your not near a power supply. (but the battery life is great and if you are worried about this, carry a power bank like THIS.)

  • Its Black and White - honestly this doesn't bother me though.

  • Its used strictly for reading.

As you can see... the Pros greatly outweigh the Cons in my case. I do want to talk a little more about ergonomics. Holding a Kindle is MUCH more comfortable than holding a book. Especially if you get this strap! I was a little concerned because I purchased THIS clear case that had bump protectors on the corners but the strap fits perfectly over them AND you can move the strap very easily. I keep mine like these though for both hands. =)

I hadn't anticipated how much I would fall in love with reading on this thing! I look forward to going on many adventures with my kindle. BTW, did you know you can NAME your kindle? Its pretty simple.... you just click All Settings, Your Account, and Device Name..... super easy! I named mine Katniss after Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. That's the series that made me fall in love with reading, so it seemed fitting.

I hope these rambling have helped you decide if a Kindle would be a good fit for you. Whether your reading on a kindle, a physical book, a tablet, ect.... I hope you love whatever adventure your next books take you on!


<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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