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My new natural Homemade face care routine

I'm revamping my skin care because of the Simply Earth March Subscription box and the knowledge I've gained through their HERO COURSE.... I thought I would share with you what I'm creating and using. It helped clear up my face since I started using it in the middle of a breakout! (The highlighted links will take you to Simply Earth's blog where you can get the recipe OR purchase their product! BUT DON'T FORGET TO USE MY CODE FOR A DISCOUNT!)

  1. The Melt Away Cleansing balm (I skipped the essential oils in this recipe so I could use it to remove eye makeup). I use this first to get my eye makeup off and lift the makeup off my skin....

  2. I do a double wash and so for the next step I wash with MY homemade foaming soap that I make (see the recipe below).

  3. I use Witch Hazel as a toner.

  4. *ADDING THIS STEP SOON* I'm planning to make the face serum.

  5. I use the Clear Skin Roll-on for acne treatment as needed.

  6. The Luxurious Face Cream (I have super oily skin so I added corn starch to mine - next time I'll also swap coconut oil for mango butter).

I'm loving my new routine. I feel better knowing that I'm also using natural products on my skin AND they are so much fun to make... honestly, it's kinda therapeutic. I'm curious, what is YOUR skin care routine like?

While this was the March box... every month Simply Earth offers amazing ways to kick toxins outta your home! As a Simply Earth Ambassador (which basically means, affiliate), we BOTH get bonuses when you use my code: THEBOHOHOMEMAKERFREE at checkout. ***When you use my code it will give you, (a new subscriber), a free $45 e-gift card to use on a future purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. NOW, DUST OFF THOSE OILS AND GET TO USING THEM! If you have questions about Simply Earth, please reach out... I'm ALWAYS happy to chat about oils!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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