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God's amazing grace means we aren't expected to have it all figured out. On this journey there will be valleys but there will also be mountains. If you are struggling, just talk to God. Share your heart, he knows what your going through anyways so just talk to him with utmost honesty. Look at the Psalms and know that its okay for us to praise and lament and share our true heart with Jesus! If we can trust him with eternity, we can trust him with our feelings, our hurts, our anxious thoughts, our desires.... whatever it is on your heart and mind, God can handle it!

How can we build on the foundation of our faith? Great faith means recognizing our greet need, and turning to our great Savior. Read the Bible and put it into practice. Pray. Be thankful. Repent or turn away from sin. Go to church and get connected with other Christians. Serve. Tithe. && Humble yourself before The Lord daily. These are all ways you can build your faith. We will never be perfect at it all.... there is always room for growth, just pray for direction and The Lord will show you were to start working.

I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE MINI BIBLE LESSON on Great is your faith!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle

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