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Healthy recipe: Protein Coffee

I've had several folks interested in my Protein Coffee since I drink if for breakfast every morning. According to my Lose It! App, it is 322 calories. So you can still have something like an apple or something small to go with this, but I find it super filling. You can also make changes to this recipe to make it.... I LOVE coffee with LOTS of creamer and so this needed to be a far swap for me... something that would make it worth the switch.... and THIS DOES! I use THIS: Chocolate SunWarrior Protein Powder in my shake.... but as noted, you can use whatever you prefer. I hope that you find this helpful on your journey.... even if you are just looking for an alternative to your coffee. =)

I hope you love this protein coffee as much as I do! ENJOY sweet friends!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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