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Bible Journaling Lesson: Contentment

"One of the great mysteries of Christianity is contentment. What we must learn is that contentment is not something that's found; it is an attitude." --Focus on the Family

We serve a faithful, good Father, who wants us to live an abundant life... we aren't meant to hold on to things of this world, those will never bring us true joy. Where we find joy is in contentment with Jesus! In the things that can't be bought. Its the sunshine on your face, the wind in your hair, the breath in your lungs. Its the gift of life that Jesus has given us.

In 2020 my word for the year was Contentment. I was eager to find this kind of peace and honestly, I'm still seeking it. Its a daily choice that has to be made... for me and for you! To die to self everyday... not seeking the things of this world but seeking the face of Jesus. Seeking true, authentic relationship with Him, our savior!

I hope that as you dive into the scripture you can see that He is where the true joy is.

I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE BIBLE JOURNALING LESSON on CONTENTMENT!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle

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