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Bible Journaling Lesson: He Provides

God sometimes puts us in unique situations where we HAVE to trust HIM! Can you imagine how Abraham must have felt when he was told to sacrifice his son Isaac? God was testing his faith.... would you be able to go as far as Abraham did? Would you trust God even in THAT kind of situation? That's the kind of faith He calls us to have!

God sometimes lets things happen in our lives so that we will look to Him! He WANTS to help us! BUT How can we trust that the Lord will provide in our specific situation? We gotta first acknowledge our need for help. We have to humble ourselves and ask for The Lord to give us wisdom and help us in our situation; and then we gotta pour out what we have been given and TRUST that God will multiply it! God usually requires us to be active participants in His work. We need to identify and use the resources He’s gifted to us. Then, we need to take a step forward in faith, trusting He will take our contributions, however small they may be, and multiple them.

Will you, in wisdom and faith, lay it all out for The Lord and TRUST that HE WILL PROVIDE?

I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE BIBLE JOURNALING LESSON on how HE PROVIDES! <3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle

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