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Bible Journaling Lesson: Divine Appointments

Have you ever had something happen and know that it was a GOD THING?!?

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing "GOD MOMENT". My family had been searching for a home church for a LONG time, trying new places but skipping the majority of service times. One Sunday evening, I found myself writing out a visual prayer card, asking God to direct us to our HOME church. I prayed specifically for a place where God's Word was taught with clarity. I prayed for a Pastor that would lead us and be available to meet with us in our time of need. I prayed for a church home where other believers walk in harmony with God's word & one another. I asked God to make it clear that its where we were meant to be and that its a place where we can serve and be a part of a community. I believed he would answer that prayer..... but HOW He answered it, was beyond my wildest imagination.

The very next morning, in the waiting room, at my son's therapy appointment, I overheard a conversation.... A sweet woman was bragging on what God was doing in her church. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to go over and ask her WHERE she attended. So I walked over and said something along the lines of, "I'm sorry to be ease-dropping on your conversation, but I need to know where you attend church!" She was so kind to turn her attention to me and let me share a little of my story and then excitedly welcomed us and told me how excited she was to have us attend and then we connected via social media. I walked to my van, and started bawling. YALL >> GOD IS SO GOOD! I don't know why, but I'm always so amazed when He answers a prayer like that..... I knew in my heart, this is where God wants us.

Later that day, I messaged her and shared my visual prayer card and explained how God answered my prayer, to which she responded and shared with me that she prays every week on that way to that appointment but this week she added a little something to that prayer.... she prayed for a "Divine Appointment", that someone would cross her path that day that she could pour into! TEARS. AGAIN! GOD IS SO GOOD! What makes this even more amazing... her and her husband are the youth pastors and they are now pouring into my oldest son! BOTH of our prayers were answered in a big way.... The first Sunday, my oldest son rededicated his life to The Lord. In one week my littles learned almost 50 Bible Facts.... God showed us clearly... He answered our prayers down to the finest DETAILS!

I want to challenge you to PRAY for that divine appointment.... God hears our prayers! He knows the desires of our heart, sometimes... all we need to do is ASK!

I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE BIBLE JOURNALING LESSON on Divine Appointments!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle

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