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Bible Journaling Lesson: Craving Christ

After a long, hard, stress filled day, when you are seeking peace, do you spend time with God in prayer? or do you find a few minutes of comfort with a plate of chocolate chip cookies? When you are dealing with a situation that has you all up in the feels, do you talk with God about it? or do you open a bag of potato chips to cover up those feelings?

God created each of us to crave.... but not food or any other temptation that Satan may tempt you with... NO! God created you to crave HIM! Worldly satisfactions are only temporary. When we eat, we will get hungry again.... Once we spend money, we wanna spend more of it.... its a vicious cycle of craving and hunger that will never lead to real fulfillment.

We have to learn how to fulfill our deepest desires with GOD rather than the things of this world... like food! BUT HOW do we go about replacing these worldly cravings with Godly cravings??? Well... FIRST we ask God to give us the desire to be healthy, then we use our cravings as promptings to pray. We put together a plan, get friends involved, and embrace our true identity. We live by the Spirit and fill our minds with Biblical Truths. We learn to love our body, make peace with it, MOVE and don't compromise. We call sin what it really is, we recognize emotional triggers and deal with them. THEN we let ourselves be hungry for holiness.

I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE BIBLE JOURNALING LESSON on CRAVING CHRIST!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle

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