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A Disappointing doctors visit

Have you ever left the doctors office on the verge of a panic attack? Not because you received tough news... but because the doctor made you feel like a complete failure as a parent/person? I have. I don't know that I have ever experienced a worse doctor visit than I did this week!

Our doctor that we had established care with just this past fall moved away, leaving us to yet again search for a new doctor for my kiddos. Its frustrating trying to find a doctor that aligns with our beliefs and everything. We usually find compromise and get lectured occasionally for not following the crowd on certain things... but there has always been a healthy understanding in the end... but not this time.

A little backstory: we were there to establish care, get a surgical release for my daughter to get some cavities that formed between her teeth fixed (from not flossing), and to address the fact that her ears are hurting. She had been up all night the night before crying in pain from where water got in her ears at bath time. It was to the point that I moved us from the bed to the recliner in the living room so that my husband could rest for work the next day. But this resident seemed to have other concerns than that...

This resident lectured me for over an hour while in his office. He berated me about their diets, even though all my children have a healthy BMI, weight, and are tracking on point physically for their ages. He pointed out that their diet is the cause of their bad dental health which is actually because I'm horrible at making them floss... {the dentist even said that is what their cavities are caused from} and while diet may have some to do with it, they are kids and are picky eaters so I'm just doing my best over here, introducing foods when I can. He kept on and on about screen time and how they will get dependent on them and even addicted! Good grief don't we live in a world where everything is electronic now-a-days!?? The doctor even asked me directly if there was anyone in the home who was obese and made me say out loud "ME"... even though I was sitting there as if he couldn't physically see me! I wanted to burst into tears from embarrassment as he laughed and stated, "Sorry, its just a routine question." It didn't stop there friends, he asked what my husband did for work and after explaining that he worked for a trucking company that hauls steel, he proceeded to ask me what MY HUSBANDS SHOWER ROUTINE WAS! I was dumbfounded.... He then wanted to test my kids for lead! {Not to spoil the ending but their tests came back NEGATIVE.} He also made several sly insults about our family medical choices. When he checked Zoey's ears he said that he was unable to tell if she had fluid back there but wanted to test her for strep throat... even though she had only ran a low grade fever several days prior for one night. I declined and he again lectured me on how untreated strep can cause lifelong issues.... again, ignoring the fact that her ears are the problem here! I won't go into the details about the other remarks made.... you will just have to trust me that this went on and on!

Ultimately we walked out of that office without receiving the care we actually needed and instead being lectured and berated on things that were totally unnecessary! He made me feel like a failure, like I didn't have a voice in my kids raising, and honestly, I have never wanted to throat punch someone as much as I did that day. {Thank you Jesus for holding me back!}

Thankfully, Zoey is back to her normal self and she and Elijah have now been established under a doctor, but we will defiantly NOT be seeing this resident again!

Sweet friend, if you ever leave a doctors office feeling like I did that day, please know that that is NOT okay. Not all doctors are a good match for you. Keep looking until you find someone who will respect you and understand that your health and wellbeing is ultimately in YOUR hands. Its your decision on whether or not you take medication, follow the diet, or do whatever it is they SUGGEST! Remember, you make the final judgement call... hopefully you do the research and make an informed decision before just jumping to whatever they tell you to do. You need to be able to make these decisions with someone whom you TRUST and feel like you can speak to without getting a lecture. Do not keep going to see someone who makes you feel like the worst parent/person on the planet. THEIR JOB is to encourage you on your health journey and guide you to options that help you; NOT force you to do something or take something or jump when they say JUMP! Your health is ultimately YOUR decision!

Stand strong sweet friends and advocate for yourself and your sweet babies! You are their voice!

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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