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The gift of opportunity

Sorry I was MIA for a few weeks! I kinda went down an unintended, yet exciting path. For my Birthday I attended a PaperPie Party (formerly Usborne Books & More) and made a huge decision that day. To give you a little bit of history, (some of you might remember) in 2018 I was a Team Leader with UBAM, and I LOVED IT! Sadly, I ultimately closed my book business to focus more on other important things going on in life at the time I had TWO toddlers and was homeschooling Keegan and FB was a lot to manage.... since then, Usborne has gone through a major name change and rebranding and my kids have grown up and a lot has changed in my life as well....

With all the excitement, this year, on my Birthday, I decided to give myself the gift of opportunity. I re-opened my book business with PaperPie! I love these products and I love being a StoryMaker! I'm so excited about this opportunity and I look forward to bringing you lots of amazing new products! I choose to do this to help take some of the financial burden off of my husband... I need to make enough money to buy new tires and breaks for my van but also because this helps provide homeschooling resources for my family... and we simply LOVE these products! My kiddos are so excited for BOOK BOXES! AND I'm excited to share these amazing books with yall!

Now you know WHY I have been MIA... I have been working diligently to get this business up and going BUT I want you to know that The Bohemian Homemaker is NOT going anywhere! I still plan to keep this blog running and I plan to bring you FREE BIBLE JOURNALING LESSONS (hopefully monthly). I am still running my Christian Fiction Book Club on Fable (although my personal reading has slowed down drastically). I'm still on my weight loss journey as well.... I have missed updating yall on that, but I will have one soon AND those will hopefully be posted bi-weekly. Lots of exciting stuff still happening here so I hope that you will stick with me through this transition.

If you love children's books and products, message me! I love to chat about this stuff, and I would love to hook you up with FREE PRODUCTS! You can join my Facebook group, Michelle's Pie Pages {Readers Make Thinkers} where I keep everyone up to date on new titles/products, sales, and all things PaperPie. I hope to see you there!

Wanna SHOP? You can click shop from the menu anytime....

<3 The Bohemian Homemaker - Michelle Warren

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